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    Design Brief

    Writing A Successful Design Brief is not an easy task. Without A Successful Design Brief, Your chance of achieving the successful brand/design from a designer is very less. Design Brief helps develop trust and understanding between the client and a designer. A design brief is an initial document, created by the client, which provides a point of reference to work from across the entire design process. It is a written explanation given to a designer outlining the aims, objectives, and milestones of a design project/contest.

    A Successful Design Brief includes(for example logo design project/contest):

    • Business Name(Logo Name/Logo Text)
    • Tagline/Slogan(If you have a tagline-optional)
    • Font Choice(If you have any font choice-optional)
    • Color Palettes as the attachment
    • Design Examples as the attachment
    • Look and Feel (Elegant or Bold, Playful or Serious, Traditional or Modern, Personable or Professional,  Feminine or Masculine, Colorful or Conservative, Economical or Upmarket etc.)
    • Logo Styles(Emblem Logo, Lettermark, Wordmark, Pictorial / Combination Logo etc.)
    • What your organization/company/business does
    • How long you have been established and how many staff you employ
    • How you fit into your industry sector
    • Your Target Audience etc.

    So, Prepare Your Creative Design Brief before posting a project/contest. Good Luck.

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